Cartier lovebracelet

Short necklace with new piece in the shape of a leaf



1 NEW: Connector blade for silver-plated zamak pendant

2 bags of 100 units of the OFFER_6

6mm zamak balls bathed in silver. The amount you need will depend on how long you want to give the necklace, but 2 bags will need …

2 Meters of 2mm round leather (black)

2 NEW: Stoppers for 2mm leaf shape, silver-plated zamak

2 small synthetic pearls with 4.5mm pitch

1 Flat closure for 2 leathers of 2mm, zamak bathed in silver


To make this necklace you will first have to glue the two leathers to the leaf pendant (of the flat side). Once they are stuck go putting balls in each of the ends of the leathers. The amount will depend on how long you want the necklace. Once raised you will see that the leather that remains on the inner side of the collar will need less balls than the outer side, this is because the collar will take its natural curve. Once you have the shortest full side of balls, stick one side of the zipper to it.

Then begin to fill the other side of the collar, after sticking the other two leather ends to the closure. If you look at the photo, the collar carries the leaf obliquely, this is achieved by putting more balls on this side … When you see that the “Leaf” is in the position that you like you spend the ends of the leather by the Step of the piece (Sheet) and keep filling the balls with balls.

I have put two decorative pearls before gluing the stops, you can not put them or change them by hammered balls, color resins or any other account with 2mm pitch.


I leave the materials of this necklace so that it is easier to locate them:

  • 1 x  Connector sheet for pendant € 3.65
  • 2 x  Zamak offer x 100 balls 6mm € 10.00
  • 2 x  Round leather 2mm € 0.60
  • 2 x Top sheet for 2mm € 0.95
  • 2 x  Synthetic pearl small step 4.5mm € 0.10
  • 1 x  Flat closure for 2 leathers 2mm € 2.50