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Mike and Edd, from Jewels on wheels’ “A Seat Ibiza is a classic because it evokes the past”


The drivers of ‘Jewels on wheels’: the mechanic Edd China (left) and the commercial Mike Brewer next to one of the pieces that have gone through the program.

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Eleven years ago they decided to enroll in a low-cost television project focused on their great passion: cars. Since then, Mike Brewer (expert in the sale of vehicles) and Edd China (mechanic) successfully drive the Jewel on Wheels space (Discovery MAX). With a docurreality format, the program has managed to catch a diverse audience with a fixed structure: the purchase of a second-hand vehicle (usually a modern classic) that they repair and then sell it to another bidder.

What does a car say of its owner?
Edd China (EC) : Many things, as many as dogs or shoes. Someone has a Ferrari because he wants others to know that he has been successful; A Volvo denotes that it is a practical person, who values ​​safety and order. There are parents who acquire sports models because they feel nostalgia for their youth …
Mike Brewer (MB) : And if you take good care of your car you can not be more than good people. If they have mistreated him, surely they are not!

And what do you think of the Spaniards after seeing their car park?
We have barely had time to see it. We can only say that they have treated us here with great affection and that we intend to return to look for a Seat Ibiza Mk 1.

United States is the paradise of car bargain hunters

The Seat Ibiza is very common in Spain. How would you convince your millions of drivers that it is a glamorous classic?
MB: A car becomes classic when it starts to bring you memories. Seat Ibiza Mk 1 is already a very old car and there are people who make that car smile and evoke the past.

Can any car with the passage of time become classic?
EC : It also happens with cars that are rare and even ugly. In England there was a car called Allegro whose aesthetics did not like anything, was even considered one of the worst manufactured vehicles in history. However, currently there are so few that have become a precious object. In short, the classics have to do with memories, passion and appearance.

Which country is the paradise of the buyers of automobile bargains?
U.S. They have sold billions of cars throughout history and continue to produce millions, so you can choose from a wide variety and it seems they never run out.

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And the best car producer?
The country that makes the best cars in the world is Great Britain. It is the birthplace of the Bentleys, the Rolls-Royce and the Aston Martin. And today, at its plant in Sunderland (northeast of England) more Nissan are manufactured than in all Italy.

We do not argue loudly in front of the camera as they do in the US

Tell me what a perfect car should have.
A US V8 engine, the bonnet of a Citroën BX, the rear end of a Ferrari 250 GTO, Rolls-Royce fins and perforated wheels like those of the Lamborghini. Also, it would be convertible and we would have our wife sitting next to us with the sunglasses and the credit card.

Your program has been exported to many countries. What are the keys to your success?
MB: The main one is that the Jewel stars on wheels are the cars and not their presenters. We talk about mechanics, about details about the car, but not about ourselves. Neither Ed nor I argued loudly in front of the cameras as in some American formats. We are motor enthusiasts and that is why we believe that it interests the audience.
EC: It also has to do with the transformation, with the ‘how to do’ something. The public is interested in seeing how it is recycled, how a car is arranged from the beginning to the end. And we include the public as part of the story, we speak to you directly.

A Darac of 1903 already contains the DNA of today’s vehicles

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In recent years the docurrealities about cars have grown like foam. Do you follow any?
We have been with Joyas on wheels for eleven years. That has caused many imitations to arise. Some we like more than others. We are both Overhaulin ‘ fans of Chip Foose because although Chip is a star, he is not the protagonist of the space, but the cars. Fast & Loud is different, it focuses more on its characters, but we are very envious of the presenters because they have managed to capture how well they spend it in the workshop and have managed to take that fun to the screen. In general, we see the programs of the competition because we believe that we can learn from each other.

What would you say is the most important car that has gone through the program?
MB: For me, there would be two: the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Mark I. They are two icons within the motor world. The Mini is the most representative car in the United Kingdom and the Beetle sold more than 22 million. I can not think of two older stars.
EC : I would add a Darac from 1903 that went through our program number 100. In it you can see the DNA of the current cars. It was an experiment at the beginning of the century. They had tried everything: steam cars, electric cars, diesel, gasoline … Finally it was the Darac that marked the beginning of the new era of cars.

How has Jewels on wheels evolved after more than a decade on the air?
The presenters are a little thicker and we have more gray hair, the workshop is more beautiful, the tools are better and the transformations are more ambitious, but the essence is the same: you buy a car, it is arranged and sold. The format works because we stick to what we know, which is the motor world.