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Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Make Dad’s day extra-special this year with these Father’s Day crafts for kids! Check out our suggested ideas to help you make this day extra special.


Folded-Shirt Card

Give Dad the perfect Father’s Day card to go along with his gift. Help kids make this unique shirt-and-tie card using decorative paper.


Spinning Card

With their favorite snapshot of themselves, kids can add a personal, spinning touch to Dad’s card this Father’s Day.


Father’s Day Cutout Frame

Kids can spell out how much they love Dad using photos of their faces, our easy frame template, and a little help from Mom.


Father’s Day Coupons

Offer Dad a free car wash, lawn mowing, breakfast, and much more using our downloadable designs. Once kids make a cover, they can fasten, staple, or sew the booklet together.

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Magnet Bookmarks

With any of our shirt-and-tie templates, kids can give Dad a well-dressed bookmark.


Father’s Day Notepad

By wrapping a rubber band around a notebook cube, kids can make colorful drawings on a notepad for Dad.


Date with Dad

Kids love to be in charge, so let them take Dad on a Father’s Day “date” of their choosing. Ask them to consider what Dad would like best: a movie, a museum, or a baseball game? A handmade card tells him they’re treating. Kids can buy or draw the “tickets”; Mom can cut a slit for them in the card.

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Daddy’s Girl Clip Art

Girls can create adorable pins, cards, boxes, labels, and tags for Dad using our printable clip art.


Paper-Airplane Cards

Fly a special card to Dad using one of our template patterns.

Choose a lightweight paper; a map of his favorite city or hiking trail are good options, or pick a colored paper and inscribe a message on the wings. Your message can be a simple greeting or a much-appreciated coupon for a couple of hours of yard work. Fold the paper first, so you’ll know where to write.

A Dazzling Diamond Design Is Just What Your Thanksgiving Pie Needs

Pie is pretty much expected for dessert at Thanksgiving, so how do you make sure it has that surprise-and-delight element? Give your pie a fancy decorative top crust! It’s what telegraphs that there’s something special awaiting your guests—a true grand finale. Here, we went with a diamond design for our apple pie (it can be used for any double-crust pie): tiles are cut out of our Test Kitchen’s Favorite Pate Brisee with a cookie cutter, then half are brushed with egg yolk, and the other half are finished with egg white and sanding sugar. The result is a glittering, golden masterpiece of a top crust. Start by rolling out a disk of dough on a lightly floured piece of parchment to a 13-inch round, about 1/8 inch thick. Transfer on parchment to a baking sheet and, using a small round cutter or paring knife, cut a 1-inch hole in center. Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes, then proceed with our tutorial below.

  1. Stamp out pieces of dough with a 2 1/4-inch diamond-shaped cookie cutter, laying them on a piece of parchment. Place in freezer until tiles are very firm, about 15 minutes. Brush half of tiles with an egg-white wash, and other half with an egg-yolk wash. Sprinkle egg-white tiles with sanding sugar.

  1. Arrange from center, alternating washes. Lay tiles flush with one another; they’ll shrink in the oven.

  1. Use kitchen shears to trim overhang and use trimmed pieces to fill in any gaps. Firm them up in the fridge for 30 minutes, then bake.

Short necklace with new piece in the shape of a leaf


1 NEW: Connector blade for silver-plated zamak pendant

2 bags of 100 units of the OFFER_6

6mm zamak balls bathed in silver. The amount you need will depend on how long you want to give the necklace, but 2 bags will need …

2 Meters of 2mm round leather (black)

2 NEW: Stoppers for 2mm leaf shape, silver-plated zamak

2 small synthetic pearls with 4.5mm pitch

1 Flat closure for 2 leathers of 2mm, zamak bathed in silver


To make this necklace you will first have to glue the two leathers to the leaf pendant (of the flat side). Once they are stuck go putting balls in each of the ends of the leathers. The amount will depend on how long you want the necklace. Once raised you will see that the leather that remains on the inner side of the collar will need less balls than the outer side, this is because the collar will take its natural curve. Once you have the shortest full side of balls, stick one side of the zipper to it.

Then begin to fill the other side of the collar, after sticking the other two leather ends to the closure. If you look at the photo, the collar carries the leaf obliquely, this is achieved by putting more balls on this side … When you see that the “Leaf” is in the position that you like you spend the ends of the leather by the Step of the piece (Sheet) and keep filling the balls with balls.

I have put two decorative pearls before gluing the stops, you can not put them or change them by hammered balls, color resins or any other account with 2mm pitch.


I leave the materials of this necklace so that it is easier to locate them:

  • 1 x  Connector sheet for pendant € 3.65
  • 2 x  Zamak offer x 100 balls 6mm € 10.00
  • 2 x  Round leather 2mm € 0.60
  • 2 x Top sheet for 2mm € 0.95
  • 2 x  Synthetic pearl small step 4.5mm € 0.10
  • 1 x  Flat closure for 2 leathers 2mm € 2.50

Earrings with pearls and zamak leaves


2 Small synthetic pearls

2 terminals for 2.5mm of silver-plated zamak

2 balls of zamak bathed in silver of 5x4mm

1 hammered oval earring in silver-plated zamak

2 7x6mm girls stained in silver

2 NEW: blade stoppers for 2mm of zamak bathed in silver


And finally two pieces of leather of 2mm, you will only need 20cm approximately for each slope.


I leave the materials to make it easier for you to locate them

  • 2 x Synthetic pearl small step 4.5mm € 0.10
  • 2 x  Silver bathroom terminal for 2,5mm € 0.60
  • 1 x  Hammered oval earring € 2.45
  • 2 x Girl staple 7x6mm silver bathroom € 0.15
  • 2 x  Top sheet for 2mm € 0.95
  • 2 x Ball 5x4mm € 0.25

Earrings with silver-plated zamak turtles


2 Accounts. Oval glass ovals in brown color

1 Pair of oval hammered earrings in silver-plated zamak

We sell them in pairs.

2 girls staples bathed in silver 7x6mm

2 long silver canes

I leave the materials so you can do these earrings:

  • 2 x Crystal Olive € 0.30
  • 2 x Turtle connector € 1.15
  • 1 x Hammered oval earring € 2.45
  • 2 x Girl staple 7x6mm silver bathroom € 0.15
  • 1 x Silver long cane of 66mm x 100 units € 3.00

Bracelets with faceted crystals with golden edges


1 Faceted crystal with gold border:

You have 4 colors to choose from, if you click on the name of each color it will take you to the product


Dark brown

Off white


1 Elastic of 1mm in light brown

2 3.5mm gold bath zamak balls

3 golden canes

We market them in bags of 100 units

3 faceted beads in gray with sparkles (You can use these accounts or any other ball that you like)

1 7mm gold-plated ring


This bracelet has knots at the ends and closes with another knot. If you want you can put a small golden complete closure, but being elastic with a knot you can use it without problem.


I leave the material of the bracelet of the photo:

  • 1 x  Elastic 1mm light brown € 0.40
  • 2 x  Golden 3.5mm ball € 0.15
  • 1 x  Faceted crystal with gold border, dark brown € 1.35
  • 1 x  Golden short cane € 2.00
  • 1 x  Gray faceted glass strip with sparkles € 3.00
  • 1 x  7mm gold bathroom ring € 0,05

Animal Print Silver-plated zamak necklace with elephant head


1 Silver plated zamak elephant

1 sachet of acrylic balls with 2mm pitch in black

The bag brings 10 units to only 1 euro.

28 small hammered zamak tubes bathed in silver

1 Full closure silver plated

1 Round 2mm black leather

I have put about 40cm of leather approximately …

4 donut beads of zamak bathed in silver

I leave the materials of this necklace in the cart so that it is easier to find them …

  • 28 x  Hammered small tube € 0.60
  • 1 x  Full closure bathroom silver MEDIUM € 1.30
  • 1 x  Round leather 2mm € 0.60
  • 4 x  Account type donut step 2.5mm € 0.30
  • 1 x  Elephant € 5.60
  • 1 x  Black trinket bag x 10 pcs 1,00 €

Bracelet and choker with star bathed in silver


1 New rustic natural leather nappa

Strip of natural leather hand-cut in worn brown color (soft).

Of an approximate width of 3,5mm. It is sold by whole meters.

1 Flat closure of silver plated zamak for 2 leathers of 2mm.

1 Star through for 5mm

If you enter our Instagram we have a video that shows how to make this choker …

The glue we use is the HASULITH

I leave the link: CLICK HERE

I leave the materials in the cart to make it easier for you to locate them:

  • 1 x  Rustic leather nappa € 0.80
  • 1 x  Flat closure for 2 leathers 2mm € 2.50
  • 1 x  Through star for 5mm € 0.50

Bracelet bathed in silver with charm detail with green resin


1 hammered tube with 2.5mm hole in silver-plated zamak

20 molded silver-plated zamak balls

1 oval ring bathed in silver

1 green oval resin

1 Elastic cord of 2mm in gray color

I recommend using a 2-component glue for this bracelet.

(It is important that it be a strong glue …)

For example ARALDIT, you buy at hardware stores …

I leave the materials in the cart so that it is easier to locate them.

  • 1 x  Hollow hammered tube 2.5mm 2.20 €
  • 20 x  Molded ball € 0.55
  • 1 x  Oval ring 9×6.5mm € 0.20
  • 1 x  Resin green oval charm € 1.80
  • 1 x  Elastic 2mm gray € 0.50

Short pendant with suede, crystals and teardrop


1 Brown suede, you need 2 strips of 50cm

You will find it in our store by the meter.

The length of Antelina will depend on the diameter of your neck and keep in mind that you have to make two knots in the central part of the pendant.

1 Light turquoise acrylic tear

3 Faceted crystals

Turquoise faceted crystal

– Cream faceted glass

– Blue-green faceted glass

3 long golden canes

We sell them in bags of 100 units on offer.

2 6mm gold balls with 2.5mm pitch

1 golden complete closure

I leave the materials of this pendant with crystals and tears:

  • 1 x  Turquoise acrylic tear cl. € 1.00
  • 1 x  Antelina brown € 0.75
  • 1 x  Ball 6mm w / step of 2.5mm dor € 0.30
  • 1 x  Blue-green faceted glass € 0.15
  • 1 x  Faceted turquoise crystal € 0.15
  • 1 x  Faceted cream glass € 0.15
  • 1 x  Golden long cane 50mm x 100 units € 3.00
  • 1 x  Ball 6mm w / step of 2.5mm dor € 0.30
  • 1 x  Gold complete closure € 1.00